Dragon Welcome

The world of Imperial is forged by its own citizens. As such a citizen, you are born and raised here. In all probability, you will die here, only to be resurrected by the spirit and guidance of your comrades here. You will be trained, not only by the skilled masters of your guild, but also the elder adventurers of Imperial.

As you become more experienced, your adventure need not become stagnant, as there are always new areas to explore, and the faces of old ones are constantly changing.
During your journey you will meet priests and demons, sailors and gardeners. Some of those you meet will outright try to kill you, others will offer to teach you, and still others will merely tolerate your presence. Then there are the shopkeepers, weapons dealers, and other such folk who will buy and sell equipment from and for your journeys.

The Gods of Imperial watch over all of these people and monsters, as well as you, to make sure you are able to take advantage freely of all this world has to offer.
The history of Imperial is long, and fraught with deeds of valor, as well as cruel pain and punishment. It is far too long to describe here. Suffice it to say that the historical spirit of Imperial continues with the birth of each new character, a cheery chatted hello, and the death of a comrade. Learn the history as you explore, and pass it on, for you are a part of a wondrous world, and it continues with each retelling.

Original artwork used by permission of Paula Alavesa. Webdesign by Jeroen van den Broek.